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Thurston County Food Bank
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Loaves Received

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Supporting Bakers

Thurston County Food Bank supports 1,750 households every week!

They could use 1,200 sandwich loaves and 2,400 Energy Cookies with each donation!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to eliminate hunger within our community, in the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor.

Core Philosophies

  • Eliminating access barriers

  • Prioritizing health

  • Prioritizing children

  • Rescuing good food from going to waste

  • Partnership and collaboration

Eliminating Access Barriers

Because not all people in need can make it to us, we ensure that food resources are available throughout our community. We accomplish this through an extensive network of satellite and mobile food banks, our FORKids school backpack program, and our Summer Lunch program.

About Our Pantry
  • Visits are free of charge. There are no income guidelines to access regular services at the food bank. A photo ID is helpful, but not required.
Services Offered
  • CSFP - The Commodities Supplemental Food Program
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Demonstration Kitchen - Cooking Classes
  • Food Drives
  • Fresh Produce Program
  • Food & Grocery Rescue
  • Food Sampling
  • Holiday Meals Boxes
  • Mobile Food Bank Programs
  • Packs for Kids
  • School Gardens
  • Shopping Cart - Grocery Style - Point Allocation
  • SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • TEFAP - The Emergency Food Action Program