Any Hungry Husky

Today our loaves and energy cookies received a cameo on King 5 news.

Why? Because the demand for food assistance is on the rise. Our UW Food Bank partner, Any Hungry Husky, shared startling growth numbers. Alex Silver says they have seen 56% growth this year, and they are currently serving 100-200 students and staff a day. 

It is gratifying to see our loaves and Energy Cookies in action, and on prime time; however, the subtext is they could use a whole lot more of them. In fact, all our food bank partners could use more.

Increased demand began before the shuttering of the SNAP program, which ended March 1st. It is scary to consider the additional ramifications of this loss of funding for those who need it most.

Baking from our home kitchens, and using our resources of time, talent, and treasure is one way to add value to a stressed system. Rejoice in the understanding that our efforts are genuinely appreciated. Take a moment to invite friends and family to bake with us, beginning with a new baker information session (we have a few more coming up this month). If you’ve been sidelined by life, as it can often do, it may be time to jump back in.

It does not matter in which neighborhood, city, or state you reside. Each of our 39 food bank partners is hungry for more of the nutritious, freshly baked items we supply. Let’s take a moment to redouble our efforts and demonstrate the impact we can make as a #breadertogether community.

We can help reduce hunger one loaf at a time! Let’s fire up those ovens!

Rachel Linkhart