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The Purist Formula uses a natural sourdough starter for leavening. This formula is best for our most experienced bakers. It has been optimized to reduce any sour notes, but your own sweet efforts may still contribute some natural sourness.

Our signature bread formulas call for an equal blend of high extraction and whole grain bread flours. We ask that you use freshly milled organic flours whenever possible, for nutrition, flavor, bread performance and earth-friendliness. Portland-based bakers can support Community Loaves through the flour fundraiser and those purchases will be delivered to the local hub. Outside the Portland area? We’ve recipe tested with both Camas Country and King Arthur flours. Select the formulas below that match with the flour you wish to use for a winning combination. Your hub leader is an excellent resource for flour options.

High Extraction & Whole Grain Flour (50/50 Blend)

High extraction flour, typically stone milled and lightly sifted has more whole grain than an all-purpose bread flour. We combine this flour, one-to-one, with freshly milled whole grain bread flour for our signature loaf.

TypeProducerNameLink to Purchase
High ExtractionCairnspring, WATrailblazer, High Extraction Bread Flour, T85CL Store
High ExtractionCamas Country, OROrganic Hard Red Wheat Artisan Bread FlourCamas Store
Whole GrainFairhaven, WAOrganic Fine Bread Flour, Whole GrainCL Store
Whole GrainCamas Country, WAHard Red Spring Wheat FlourCamas Store

Formulas using this flour combination:

King Arthur Flour

We prefer supporting local, regional farmers and millers but sometimes it just isn’t practical. In those situations selecting an organic bread flour that we can get at the local store provides a suitable alternative.

King Arthur Flour is produced by a company that has a stellar reputation for producing excellent products. You use two different flours in a 65/35 ratio. 65% Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour and 35% Organic Bread Flour.

Why the blend? We’re focused on nutrition with our Sandwich loaf. All-purpose organic bread flour is more sifted and doesn’t contain the “whole graininess” we want for our nutritious sandwich loaf. So we use less of that flour and more of whole wheat flour. The result: a delicious loaf that maintains our nutrition goals and that you can be proud of. You will enjoy this loaf.

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