Option 1

Hi [Baker],

[Hub Leader] here–I’m the hub coordinator for the Community Loaves [Hub Name] and I’m thrilled to welcome you!

If you haven’t baked with any other hubs the first thing you’ll want to do is order your flour by [next order cutoff date]. That order link is here but you can also navigate there from your dashboard which is a super handy way to get to everything!

Our first donation of the year is Sunday, Jan. 14 so if you don’t yet have supplies you’ll skip that one and can jump in on the next one which is Jan. 28. Bakers typically drop their donations at my house on Sunday between 9 and 5. I’m at 401 Lybarger St. NE. I’m flexible so whatever works for you works for me. Usually, just a quick text to let me know what you need is perfect.

So, what questions do you have? How can I support you? 

Welcome to the coolest baking project ever and I look forward to meeting you!

Rachel Linkhart