Meet Matt Nadler – Victory Heights/Maplehurst

Matt Nadler is a dynamic soul with a story as rich as the bread he bakes for Community Loaves. At 88, he’s adorned with a tapestry of tattoos, each one a celebration of a milestone, a victory over fear, and a testament to a life lived fully.

Matt’s journey began in the Bronx in 1935 where he discovered resilience early on. His father’s untimely death from a heart attack at 69 cast a shadow, but Matt faced the challenge head-on when he reached the same age. Celebrating making it past 69, he started a tradition of annual tattoos, a unique blend of yoga symbols and beloved comic characters, from Donald Duck to Popeye. His latest ink showcases Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a symbol of magic and enduring spirit.

A former pharmacist turned yoga teacher, Matt’s life took unexpected turns. Fired at 60, he embraced change, moved to Seattle, and became a Poison Information Specialist. Retirement beckoned, but a bout of depression led him to yoga teaching, a role he embraced for a decade.

Dragon boat paddling entered his life at 71, bringing fresh air and camaraderie. He paddles three times a week, races a few times a year, and coaches new paddlers.

Matt defied norms, taking ballet lessons and sprinting in the Washington State Senior Games at 82. His definition of dynamic aging? Simply, never give up.

His secret to dynamic aging? Fear of the slippery slope. He’s seen too many succumb, and his fear fuels a life of physical, mental, and emotional engagement.

In 2020, Matt started baking with Community Loaves. And yes, he delivers the bread in his Mustang. To date, Matt has donated 1,105 loaves of bread and is part of an elite baking force of eight that has donated over 1000 loaves of whole-grain bread!

“It’s one thing to contribute by writing a check. It’s quite another to spend time baking bread, knowing that it will feed a hungry person is exceptionally gratifying.”

Matt Nadler, is a baker, a yogi, a dragon boat coach, and a symbol of dynamic aging. His journey is a reminder that age is just a number, and the real essence lies in the joy of staying active, engaged, and, above all, having fun.

Phoebe Skok