The purpose of CL Forums & Discussions is to provide robust and dynamic support for our volunteer membership. Here you can – post questions, share ideas, exchange information, and solve problems related to Community Loaves bread donation and artisan baking. We ask that you adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

1. Use this feature to send messages that are meant for the entire group. 

2. Treat all members with courtesy and respect. 

3. Profanity of any kind is unacceptable and unnecessary within the context of this forum, as are postings that are sexually explicit or implicit or unsuitable for minors.

4. If you have a criticism of any product or procedure to offer, it should be constructive and shared in the interest of providing information beneficial to other members. 

5. Do not use this as an advertising venue to promote products or services. Testimonials about products from disinterested third parties are acceptable and contribute to the shared knowledge on the forum. And you can “post” an item you have for sale, used kitchen equipment,  in the Equipment Exchange forum. 

6. No anonymous posting is permitted.   Please include your name, affiliation, city and state at the end of your e-mails.

7. In some cases a CL moderator will provide additional clarification or context to a thread. At times a post may be merged or deleted to consolidate similar conversations or remove redundancy. 

8. When you subscribe to a specific forum or topic you will automatically be sent an email when there is new content posted. 

Message clutter – Each posting is sent to every subscribed member of the group, which can put a lot of e-mail into everyone’s mailbox. There are some simple things you can do to keep clutter to a minimum:

Avoid posting messages that say merely “thank you,” “me, too,” or “hello.”  In most cases, these messages are intended for only a few individuals, so please e-mail them privately. (Can we do that?)

Do not send administrative messages such as “Remove me from the list” to the group. You can unsubscribe from the list directly to cease receiving messages.

Use your inside voice – In cyberspace, using all capital letters is the equivalent of shouting. Please reserve capital letters for special emphasis.

The Community Loaves Forum is networking at its best and a great benefit to our volunteer force. Thank you for being an enthusiastic supporter.

Mia K