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Bread Packaging – Set of 20 (Idaho Only)


Each kit contains enough bread bags, signature labels and kraft twist ties for 20 loaves.

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Every loaf donated needs to packaged in a plastic bread bag, labeled clearly and listing all ingredients. The packaging kit is a required component to donate the bread.

Each kit contains enough supplies for 20 loaves – 20 bread bags, 20 twist ties and 25 labels. The labels we purchase use a pressure adhesive. For best results, take time to label all your bags at once, 4.5 inches up from the bottom edge of the bag. The top of the label points to the opening of the bag. Place label, apply pressure evenly and massage it firmly onto the bag. Let it cure for several minutes before filling the bags and save the rest of the labeled bags for your next batch.

Order ahead so you are prepared for the next round of donations.

*Packaging kits can be picked up directly from your hub coordinator at a mutually agreed upon time.