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    Megan Chlebeck

      Hi everyone! I just finished a batch of rolls- both pull apart and individual. How long should we be letting these cool before packaging to freeze? Thanks!

      M Miller

        Hi Claire,

        Right! The 9×5 pan worked great for pull-a-parts and came out easily from the pan and after cooled, right into the bag. The ones in the circular pan I used as testers but if I were to do it again, I’m not sure how to package it yet so it looks pretty if just including 8 but will experiment in the next round. (I only have 2 9×5 pans).

        Super fun though and all of my taste testers had good things to say. 😉


        Claire Parker

          How should bakers register their bags of rolls?

          Claire Parker

            M – it looks like you baked the rolls in your 9×5 bread pans? Just the right size (8) for a bag.

            M Miller

              Thanks Katherine! This is super helpful.

              The rolls were really easy to make even for a novice baker like myself and I’m  excited to be able to donate them along with bread for the holidays. I just gave some I made today to neighbors to sample and the rolls got two thumbs up–


              Katherine Kehrli

                M –

                Thanks for the questions. Let’s see.


                • First you want a nice brown color, they will be done. No need to temp. Learned this from Jeffrey Hammelman and has stuck like glue. Color, aroma, weight are all your queues that you’ve got a delicious item ready to donate.
                • For the pull aparts, generally speaking you wouldn’t pull them apart for the client, they get to do that.
                • There is no curing time. Rolls that are conpletely cool are ready to be packaged and can go into the freezer. Squeeze all the air out.
                • No need to leave them in the pan after baking, they can go straight onto cooling racks
                • Whenever you have uneven cooking you can always deploy the “back-in-the-oven” technique. It is not limited to bread alone. Just remember to pull them back out. It won’t take long to crisp up the bottoms.

                We’ll be making rolls at the Bake With Me Session tomorrow. Our food banks will be overjoyed!

                M Miller


                  Really excited about the dinner rolls–how fun! I’ve never made rolls before so found the videos really helpful. Since I’m new to making rolls in general, I had some follow up questions.

                  (To note, I made a tester batch today of the pull-apart rolls using the modern formula, two loaf amount. I followed the guidance of baking them for 25 minutes at 375 and they had an internal temperature of ish 200 degrees when I took them out.

                  1. Are there any visual signs of doneness (or overdone) I should be looking for that differ from the bread loaf?

                  2. Should we leave them in the pan for a bit after baking or take them out of the pan right away? (Or baker’s choice?)

                  3. When I took them out, the bottoms were soft. If this is the case, should I follow the similar technique as the bread and pop them back in the oven briefly without their pans to crisp up the bottoms? Since they are rolls, is a soft bottom the aim or are we looking for a similar texture to the bread loaf? (I opted to pop them back in the oven but wasn’t sure if this might dry them out?).

                  3. If using a 9 x 5 pan with 8 rolls, are we looking to keep the baked rolls stuck together so the clients can pull them apart themselves or do you want all of the rolls separated before packaging?

                  4. Once fully cooled, should we freeze the rolls right away or do they need curing time?

                  Thanks! Super fun (and guess who is now tasked with making rolls now for my in-laws Thanksgiving dinner 🙂  ).



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