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    Jim Newman

      Good news, my parts arrived and my mixer has been resurrected. There were a few minutes of panic when a ball-bearing race disappeared and was found to have somehow walked halfway across the room. I’m a bit concerned because it’s not making a bit of noise that it really shouldn’t be, so I may pop it open again when I have a little time to see if I can resolve that. But in the meantime, it should be working OK so I hope to be baking again next week.

      Jim Newman

        Thanks, Desmond. I also managed to find the two gears on Amazon – not sure I’ll need both, but better safe than sorry. One of them offered a “buy together” deal of the gear, food-grade grease, and a retaining-ring removal tool. Oddly, the other gear offered a “buy together” of that gear with TWO different packages of grease — that left me scratching my head. Anyway, one gear has arrived and the other 3 items (other gear, grease, and tool) seem to be arriving on different days over the coming week. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

        BTW, total for all 4 items was about $70.

        Desmond Chan

          A can of grease for kitchenAid on Amazon is $12.


          Desmond Chan

            I did replace the gear on my kitchenAid (5 qt model – 20 years old) myself in 2013. I got the nylon gear from amazon for $4.40 in 2013. The price of the gear today is $14. I did have to replace some of the grease. I also bought a can of grease for $15 in 2013 (not sure how much now. )

            Katherine Kehrli

              Oh Jim, I’m feeling your pain. I don’t think this is very close for you, but I do know from personal experience and several others that Action Appliance in Redmond does a wonderful job with Kitchen Aid repairs.


              It is where we used to send all our appliances from the Seattle Culinary Academy.

              Hope that helps. How fortunate that you were at the end of your mix!



              Jim Newman

                I’d feared the day was coming, and today it did . . . my KitchenAid Pro 600 finally broke. I opened it up and was able to determine that there were stripped gears on the gearbox — I’d read about this being a common problem. I’d started out this Spring trying to do 4-loaf batches and quickly figured out that was too much. I’ve been doing 3-loaf batches since and had occasional overheating but have always been able to get on through.

                Fortunately, I was just finishing mixing in the porridge, so at least I’ll be able to finish the batch in progress.

                Some questions for everyone:

                1. Has anyone had a gearbox repaired on their KitchenAid? If so, where did you get it done, and how much did it cost?
                2. Has anyone replaced stripped gears themself? Mine are metal, I understand newer versions are nylon, I’m not sure I can even get replacement metal gears.
                3. I’m considering whether I should use this as an opportunity to switch to an Ankersrum, but we use the KitchenAid a LOT for cookies, cakes, and other non-bread items and I understand the Ankersrum can be challenging to use for those. Any experience?
              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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