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    Valerie Stein

    Thanks, Jennifer! I don’t lose as many oats after the loaves have cooled in the pan, which I usually do before removing them, but I like the sideways approach. I’ll try that next time (tomorrow!).

    Also, thanks again for the 6-loaf suggestions, Karen – guess I need to get more pans. 😉

    Happy baking indeed.


    Jennifer Taylor

    Hi Valerie,

    I dont know if this will help but when I remove loaves from the pan, i tip the pan sideways and jiggle it so the loaf comes out on the counter, laying on its side.  I don’t have to handle it much.  I lose a little bit of oats, but not too much.  Thumping the bottom is easy because the loaf is laying on its side.  Then I lift up the ends of the loaf, using mits, and put it right side up on a cooling rack.

    I like the way you put it – by doing 6 loaves at a time, we can do more at a time, rather than just more in more sessions.

    Happy Baking,


    Valerie Stein

    The six loaf input is very helpful, since I just got my Ank, and I’ve been pondering how to make more at a time, instead of just more in more sessions. I am wondering how you thump the bottom without losing oats off the top… I find that handling the loaf with an oven mitt pulls them off. I’ve learned my pans and timing so that I can trust that they’re done, but the new formula may change that.

    *By the way, I just realized that this Forum does not show up from the “Forums ” page on the dashboard –  I accessed through the link in the email. Thought you might like to know that.

    Jennifer Taylor

    That’s really helpful Karen. Thank you!  I’ll try that tomorrow. Yay!

    Karen Wheeler

    In reply to Jennifer’s question about fitting 6 loaves into a standard oven – I set the shelves so that I can put three on each shelf, and then I switch them around (top to bottom) at the midpoint in the baking. It works well for me. I find that the bottoms of the ones that are on the bottom shelf first get browner and sometimes the ones that are on the bottom shelf second need a little longer in the oven than the first set. My loaves get plenty of thumping on their bottoms!

    Happy baking!  Karen


    Jennifer Taylor

    Update – I got it to open.  Just took a long time to download.

    Jennifer Taylor

    I’m trying to download the new documents onto my Apple desktop computer.  Its taking a loooong time.  Could be my computer but I don’t think its supposed to take this long (going on 10 minutes) – so far it won’t open .

    Daphne Tang

    I am using an iPad. The video links do not work for me as well

    Nina Wolsk

    The links to the videos did not work for me. Maybe it’s because I am using a Mac. It would be nice to also have a PDF of the formula even though we can’t scale the loaf number. We can do our own math. It’s just a helpful resource if you don’t have excel. Thank you so much!

    Jennifer Taylor

    The new format is outstanding!  Beautifully done! I like the scaleable version and the detailed PDF.  All the links I tried worked great.
    Question: I’m going to try making 6 loaves at once. What’s the best way to put six 9×5 pans in a standard oven?  I can fit them all on one shelf but they’ll be very close together, limiting air flow. I’d love to know how others do it. Thanks! PS. If this question should go someplace else, pls let me know Thanks.

    Katherine Kehrli

    Modern Formula – New Scalable Formula

    Modern Forula – PDF – Step-by-Step

    Super excited to be sharing a new version of our Modern Formula. The greatly expanded Step-By-Step instructions with pictures and videos throughout provides a much deeper foundation. Don’t be overwhelmed. The information is there to support bakers with a broad range of skills, including just getting started.  This is the formula you want to begin with if you are new to bread baking.

    Please let me know if any of the information is confusing, any links are broken, something just doesn’t work. I’m including both the excel version, which allows you to scale the ingredients for the number of loaves you want to make. The step-by-step and overview tabs walk you through the whole process.

    Please post questions comments here!

Viewing 11 posts - 106 through 116 (of 116 total)
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