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    Robin Donohue

      Please let us know when Whole Grain Flour is back in stock!  With Thanksgiving and family in town over the next few days, I won’t have much time (or brainpower) for randomly checking to place an order.  I know we are not doing a flour delivery in December and am almost out of both flours and labels.

      Katherine Kehrli

        Good morning Robin & everyone!

        I’ll be sending this in email too. We have had a run on the flour bank and are currently out of stock of several items. This is a new historic problem. Despite restocking twice last week we are still out of Whole Grain flour. But, I believe we will have stock on Monday. Please return to the shopping cart mid-day Monday, we will have more flour available then.

        Thank you for your patience. Happy Donation Day!

        Robin Donohue

          Labels are also Out of Stock.

          Robin Donohue

            I tried placing my flour order tonight and “ORGANIC FINE BREAD FLOUR, WHOLE GRAIN – FAIRHAVEN” is out of stock in all quantities.  Is there a different flour I can or should be ordering?

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