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    Tracy Waldman

      Thanks Katherine, appreciate the info!

      Katherine Kehrli


        Thank you for asking the question. These flours are not so easy to identify at the store, although it is getting easier each year. In general, the common grocery brands will, unless whole grain, be heavily processed flour. Not high extraction. It is more akin to artisan flour like a craft beer. Every brand, however, does have this information on their flour. They know how their flour is milled and what its T value is. So you can reach out to the company to learn that information.

        And, I hear you on the sticker shock, which is why we do our best to make them available at a more approachable price point. Although, that can still be quite a chunk of change. We hope to stock our Community Kitchens in the future with these flours, which will allow our bakers to volunteer time only and knock out a couple of dozen loaves of bread in the company of the other bakers and not have to contribute the ingredients.

        The nutrition and consistency of our bread, not to mention the opportunity to support our regional grain economy, is  important to what we do. All in all, each donated loaf costs $2.84 cents to make; with 14-16 slices a loaf, that’s 7+ sandwiches.

        The final point is this little non-profit does rely on these flour sales to help us execute this networked organization. When you purchase the flour through Community Loaves you’re helping to fuel and support our growth.

        I’m not sure if other bakers will have input for you. But I thought I’d share these ideas.

        Thank you,


        Tracy Waldman

          New Baker here!  I admit I have a little bit of sticker shock at the flour prices.  Wondering if anyone has had any luck finding more affordable options for the high extraction flour needed for the loaves?  Do any common grocery store brands fit this bill?  I’m having trouble discerning if a flour is considered “high extraction” or not.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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