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    Katherine Kehrli

      This is exactly right!

      I shared in the zoom meetings the following:
      Cost of cookie

      The “Other Ingredients” will fluctuate depending on your shopping. Trader Joe’s slightly more than Costco. This cost was based on a blend, all Costco except the blueberries and the cornmeal.

      We will do some additional testing with different grinds, we don’t want this to be a challenging item to find.

      Readers may be interested in knowing that the initial corn for this formula was blue corn flour. A bit harder to find but helps support indigenous corn farming. Due to price and inconsistent availability this was substituted with the yellow corn.

      So a good range for the cookie price $.85 to $.90 each, depending on where you shop.


      Kathleen Florio

        My husband asked how much each Energy Cookie costs to make and package, so I did the math. I calculated about $27 per batch of 32, or about $0.84 per cookie.

        Here’s how it breaks down*:

        • Dry ingredients provided by Community Loaves: $11.79
        • Cornmeal (PCC, which stocks medium grind; QFC had only coarse grind): $0.88
        • Blueberries (Costco): $3.24
        • Applesauce (Treetop unsweetened, 4-pack from Costco): $0.52
        • Pecans (Costco): $3.21
        • Honey (Costco, Wildflower Honey): $0.75
        • Raw sugar (Trader Joe’s): $1.16

        Subtotal: $21.55

        • Packaging (from Community Loaves): $5.12

        TOTAL: $26.67

        * Doesn’t include the cost of the vanilla.

        If you buy blueberries, applesauce, and pecans at Trader Joe’s (which I did the first time around), the added cost is about $2.50.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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