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    Rodrigo Prudencio

      Adding a photo here. I think I have the same over proofing question. This was my first time using the modern formula. I was amazed at how quickly the yeast was doing its work (I usually bake with the purist formula).

      Is the high but empty dome and the compressed bottom a sign that the bread was over proofed when baked?

      Katherine Kehrli

        That is indeed a sign of overproofing. The relaxing is from the gluten overstretching during the proof phase, not as common in these cold months, but that is what is happening.

        If you are having a tough time knowing when they are ready to load, consider “learning” about your loaves by placing them in the oven in staggard intervals. Put the first one in at 45-50 minutes, the next one at 60-70 minutes and so on. You will be able to see the difference.


        Yasko Howell

          I am experiencing loaves that rise greatly in the oven, then collapse during cooling.   Is it a sign of overproofing?  I do the poke test, and also make sure it rises well above the pan.  I use the Classic recipe and mix in ANK.  Appreciate some guidance.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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