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    John Zimet

      Never mind. Found the answer in the formula.

      John Zimet

        Is the Ank good for small batches like only 2 oat loaves? I have and Ank and a KA. I usually use the Ank for 4 loaves. If I decide on 2 should I use the KA?


        Perry Cooper

          I just bought an Ankarsrum and trying my first mix. I’m using the 4 loaf size of dough. I’m finding it hard to keep the roller near the edge. Is that unusual? I get the feeling it’s not mixing as much as it should. Then again, maybe I’m just worrying too much. The dough seems to be good. I switched to the hook but the dough just climbed up that and I had to watch it and keep pushing it down with a spatula. I had some of that trouble with the roller as well. Thoughts? First time worrier.

          Christine Charbonneau

            Yes, I have borrowed two Anks, and the roller is wonderful.  Easy to use, easy to clean.

            Annette Haenszel

              Kathleen Florio – awesome! Thank you for your dedication and feedback.

              Kathleen Florio

                I’d been using tbe dough hook for mixing, but after watching the excellent vidieo on mixing in the Ankarsrum, I switched to the roller attachment. Great results–and the dough stayed neatly in the bowl. In earlier batches it had been crawling up the dough hook, and I needed to keep pushing it back. I’m a convert!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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