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Katherine Kehrli


    One thing you can do, make a big batch of the pre-ferment. Especially the Poolish, it can go the distance. So if a double batch for you is 8 then make the pre-ferment for 8 and scale everything out for 8.

    When it comes time to mix you will have an A & B mix. Presuming a 4 loaf batch – use 1/2 of everything, (I actually weight out separate yeast and salt for each 1/2).  For mix “A”, the first one to windowpane. Proceed as you normal do. During the bulk fermentation, mix the second round “B”. Please in the refrigerator or outside in the cold when it is time to bulk.  Just let it hang out there. This slows everything down. Continue working mix “A” divide and shape, proof, then place in the oven. Once you’ve got A in the oven, return to mix “B”, remove from refrigerator , divide and continue the process. It will have been in the refrigerator for only a few hours and should be ready to be divided, especially if the Modern. If the Classic, you might let it “wake up” for 20-30 minutes, then divide, pre-shape and continue on.

    You’ll have 8 beautiful loaves.