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Katherine Kehrli

    Sorry Jessica, didn’t receive notice of your post, one of the reasons I want us to use the forums. Helps me track down issues!

    Everyone I’m so thrilled that you are anxious about the dinner rolls. Information is coming out tonight or tomorrow. I’m having difficulty keeping up with all the great and challenging pieces of our growth. Food banks, hub coordinators, 8000 lbs of flour and I really want to bake! But here is the spoiler alert for you all who are using the forums!

    You can take any of the existing Community Loaves formulas and work them into 60 g dough balls. Form as individual rolls or nestle them next to one another for pull aparts. You will package them, 8-10 rolls in a bag. Use the same bag and label. Alternatively, you can stretch your baking wings and bake Mauritzio Leo’s – Soft Dinner Roll, from the Perfect Loaf. We had this as an option last year. Folks loved the results. I will have a label for you to use that you can download and print at home.