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Gabrielle Herring

    Sorry Katherine that I had to leave the after bake session this morning. I had to run my hubby infor blood work for his clinical trial. Anyway I was wondering if there was a specific dough temperature that I should be aiming for? I baked 4 loaves on Monday I had no bulging but some cracking on all four and 1 from each batch of two was over proofed but not the one it baked with. I went with 75 minutes for one bake and 70 minutes for the second. I’m using all USA pans. I’m baking four more tomorrow because I’m going to get the right! I think I will try proofing at 68 to 67 minutes. I do the look and see method as well as the poke test. I keep my house at 70* right now. Thank you for any help with this.