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Paula vanHaagen

    Hi, I’m glad to hear the flavor was mild – that was the goal, to allow the wheat/honey/oat flavor outweigh the tang.

    The levain formula is based on a room temp of 66dF, the typical cool PNW overnight kitchen. You could leave your levain on the counter or, if using the proofer, use 1g/loaf less starter “seed” when making the levain. Use your judgement to manipulate the variables so that the levain is just right when you’re ready to mix it into the autolyse.

    I love my proofer too! I found that the new formula hits the shelf and top before the panned dough is fully proofed. I’m going to have to let it finish proofing on the counter while the oven finishes preheating. Not a problem for 2 loaves, only for 3 or 4, when I use the shelf.

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