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Kay-Ellen Tomlinson

    I have a 5 qt. KA which I have been using for Community  loaves.   I am making 2 loaf batches husin the modern formula, and this is what is working for me and my old, small mixer.  Before I start, I spray the top and bottom of the plate on the dough hook with olive oil cooking spray.  I cut the autolyse into 1 inch strips, then pull off pieces the size of a pecan.  Mix on low for 20 to 30 minutes.  Add yeast,mixing  about another 10 to 15 minutes.   This is where I have the most trouble with the dough hook crawl.  I just stop and scrape it down.  Add salt and mix about 10-15 minutes longer.  At this time, I usually have a really nice window and my mixer isn’t very warm to the touch. Add the porridge, mix 10-15 minutes more or until it looks well combined. I usually start the second batch autolyse mixing after adding the yeast to the first batch. This seems to give the mixer time to cool down. My bread making experience is not at a expert level, but my loaves are turning out very well and my mixer , though nearly 40 yrs old, is still going strong.