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Tina Ellis

    I watched the mixer video before I started. I wanted to see how my mixer did with the 4 loaves with this new formula. My mixer could handle the older formula. I was curious to see how it would do with this much dough. It’s literally a handful too much dough. If I removed about a fist size ball, my mixer had no problems. I was curious if I could find a workaround and still do a 4-loaf batch. I will probably switch to doing a 6-loaf batch, but I need to buy 2 more pans first. I only have 4.

    Thanks for the tips on the new formula. I especially like waiting to add the oatmeal until after the dough passes the windowpane test. I never had luck pulling a good windowpane when the oatmeals was mixed in, so a lot of my earlier loaves were by feel and look – and a lot of crossed fingers. 🙂