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Katherine Kehrli


    The link worked great and I just had the chance to read all your notes. Quite comprehensive and thorough. something I’ve come to know about you!

    Regarding moldy after a week on the shelves…is that right a full week or are they moldy by the Thursday of the delivery? Are loaves often still available? I’ve coached our food banks, based on practices by others, to freeze some of their donation if they don’t think they will go through all the loaves right away.

    They don’t have any preservatives and the freezing/thawing piece can increase some fragileness. We will have more on freezing for our bakers shortly. Thrilled they are still happy. I’m working with Lisa and a friend in Sun Valley to get some new bakers. Not an easy task. One thing that might make it easier will be a conventional formula. That is in the works. Flour has been ordered. I’ll keep you posted.

    Thank you Annette for being a local contact for our Idaho pantries!