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Katherine Kehrli

    Tina –

    If you watch the new “Be Kind To Your KitchenAid” videos I think you’ll find that we are in complete agreement. My machine is 575 watts too. Four loaves is a push and three loaves is ideal. I don’t hold out any of the oil or honey, nor do I have problems with climbing the hook as long as I don’t over stuff the bowl – which seems to be the case with 4 loaves.

    If you measure a batch of 6, making the autolyse, the preferment and the porridge for 6 but mix it all together as two halves – 3 loaves each. You can actually have a very productive baking day and end up with 6 loaves.  I talk through those steps in the video. You will need 6 pans!

    Thank you for baking with us. We’re really getting the hang of this!