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Dana Hamman

    (Draft, feel free to edit!  Just had a couple ideas I wanted to get down)


    Proceed to Community Loaves website.

    Click on order supplies tile.  “Essentials” are what you will need for making our loaves; the other flours are for fun!

    Select products (5 lbs each of the essential flours will make approximately 10 loaves).  If you are looking for a 50 lb bag of a particular flour and you don’t see it, please send an email to  If we can get it for you as a special order, we will!

    Check out.  During this process, you will select a truck stop for your flour pick up.  Double check that the date and time work for you.  You can pick up at a different truck stop than your hub if more convenient for you.

    On Friday at midnight the week before a delivery week, the truck stops will change and orders will be delivered on the NEXT delivery cycle.

    If you have any questions along the way, please email