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Katherine Kehrli


    Such a great question. There are a couple of opportunities for “pausing”.

    1. One opportunity is during the bulk retard. You can move that process to the refrigerator after mixing and then resume the process later in the day or the next day. For the Modern you can get a 3-5 hour window of time, typically. For the Classic and the Purist a longer period, overnight.

    2. Some bakers can proof in the refrigerator, this works better with the Classic and the Purist version of the formula. Bake the next day. Depending on when you place the loaves in the refrigerator.

    The difference in pausing is related to the commercial yeast which is more robust and doesn’t slow as much as the natural ferment.

    Hope that helps a little. Also, don’t forget about the Energy Cookie as another way to make a contribution in less time.

    I know a few of our bakers have done quite a bit of experimenting with “time”. Hope they will also provide some thoughts for you.